Results based on experience

Thanks to our excellent network with the French car manufacturers, we succeeded in:

  • Establishing several German companies as suppliers to PSA (Peugeot/Citroën) and Renault/Nissan
  • Supporting the development from nomination up to SOP (Start Of Production)
  • Increasing significantly the sales with French car manufacturers

Over many years of close cooperation with various automotive suppliers in the field of sales and engineering, we obtained a broad knowledge of the following product groups:

  • Structural parts for BIW (Body in White)
  • Engine and transmission components
  • Systems such as wiping systems, fuel tubes …
  • Decorative outer skin components, trim parts (roof and side mouldings, B/C cappings, encapsulated side windows with flush design …

The customer liaison and support of these products require a wide understanding of many manufacturing processes such as:

  • Metal stamping (including special processes, fine blanking, tailored tempering …)
  • Roll-forming and co-extruding (profiles in metal covered by plastics)
  • Stretchbending
  • Machining such as milling, turning, …
  • Joining such as MIG/MAG welding, spot welding, riveting, clinching, gluing …
  • Surface treatments such as E-cataphoresis, E-powder coating (mat or high gloss), painting in body colour, anodizing, ….
  • Quality control of over-mentioned processes